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It's Your Canvas

When you wake up, picture your mind as a blank canvas.

Each input you have is a spot of colour that you are choosing to place on the canvas.

Thoughts are not inputs. They might be outcomes of inputs, but they are certainly not inputs.

Often, we are not in control of our thoughts.

Have you ever just sat for a minute and watched what you think about? It's bizarre.

So let's define inputs as things that you are choosing to place on your canvas.

The more you control your inputs, the more you control what the canvas looks like.

Some inputs, like some colours, might be really bold.

Some might have the effect of muting colours that were there previously. Like adding water to paint.

How conscious are you about your inputs? You have more choice than you perhaps realize.

If you don't like the way your canvas looks at the end of the day, you can change it.

It's your canvas.

blue background, with light blue, orange, and yellow circles, and a white rectangle in the middle

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