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Here's why this blog exists.

I believe strongly in the value of sharing ideas. This is why I love writing. It's an act of sharing ideas that can then be carried through time.


Our ideas are a reflection of who we are at a point in time, and I think it's a beautiful thing to be able to capture that, share it, and watch it evolve.


I see this blog as a way to put myself on the hook for sharing imperfect ideas with people I care about, so that those ideas can be made better.


My wife Lisa and I have two wonderful children.


At the time of writing this sentence, one is a little over six and the other is a little over four.


Ultimately, I think I am writing this for them. Whether they choose to read it when they're older isn't really in my control, so my only job is to keep writing.


The best way to describe this blog is a piece of philosophical non-fiction that's written bit by bit in real(ish)-time.


Unlike a completed piece of work, this blog is meant to be a constant work-in-progress, much like all of us. It's meant to capture that progress over time, so I intend to keep contributing to it for as long as I am able.


Many entries in this blog will be inspired by things I've read, heard, had conversations about or just observed.


Thank you for taking the time to read anything on this blog, including this page. Your attention is precious and I am so grateful that you're willing to spend some of it here.


My hope is that you will find something here to think about, remix, and ultimately, share.


The frames through which I see the world:


In the spirit of transparency to you as a reader, I wanted to outline my privileges and biases.


  • I am an able-bodied, heterosexual male, and I am married with two young children.

  • I was born and raised in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and consider my race to be South Asian.

  • My primary religious affiliation is Christianity, and I also relate to several principles and values of Buddhism.

  • I immigrated to Canada in high school, I am now a Canadian citizen, and currently live in Waterloo (Canada). I have been a settler here for the majority of my life.

  • I have a post-secondary education and the primary language I speak is English.

  • At the time of writing this sentence, I am in a senior leadership role in my place of work, and my wife and I would consider ourselves an upper-middle income family.

  • If you define immediate family as parents, partner, and children, then I have not experienced the death of an immediate family member. I have experienced the death of three grandparents.


The topics I am currently writing about:


  • Mental Models - ways of thinking.

  • Work - how you approach what you do.

  • Change - independent growth.

  • Relationships - interdependent growth.

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