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Admire the Process

I started drafting this post shortly after the 2022 Winter Olympics wrapped up, and this is one of two posts that I want to share about what I observed from this year's games.

Take a look at this picture.

snowboard athletes celebrating

If you watched this event, then you can skip this little game we're about to play and move further down this post. If you did NOT watch this event or you FORGOT what happened, here's the game:

What do you think is happening in this picture?

Please stop reading for a moment and really try to make up a story.


I'll wait.


Now, see if you really played along, here's what actually happened (you can stop watching after you recognize the screenshot moment, turn the audio up):

On her final run, Reira Iwabuchi almost landed a trick that has never been done before in a women's competition.

Almost landed.

Reira did not make the podium.

How close was this to the story you told yourself?

Here's what blew me away in the video ... the reaction of the other athletes.

Reira is from Japan, watch the video again, and this time try to pay attention to where the other athletes are from as they run in to hug her.

I think it goes something like this: Canada, China, Netherlands, not sure, Australia, USA and finally, another Canada.

Reira did not land this trick. She did not make the podium.

The other athletes were not admiring Reira's result. They were admiring her courage, her willingness, her ambition.

Her process.

If you want to attempt something that’s never been done before, you have to be willing to fall in love with your process. And it helps if you're surrounded by a sea of other people who've fallen in love with your process too.

Process before progress.

Progress before perfection.

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