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Happy New Year.

I’d like to share a simple analogy, which I’ve found to be very useful during moments of feeling overwhelmed.

Imagine standing directly underneath a waterfall.

Yes, this means you are getting drenched.

This is what it’s like to start getting overwhelmed.

At some point you’re going to walk away from the waterfall. The only problem is, you’re drenched.

This state of being drenched is what it’s like to feel overwhelmed.

Until you get dry, you’re going to carry around that feeling of overwhelm all day.

Here’s the thing about waterfalls, they’re natural.

You can’t control them.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

Suppose this time, I ask you not to imagine standing underneath the waterfall, but rather, just look at it.

You can be at a safe distance.

No need to get wet. Not even slightly sprayed.

The waterfall will continue to do what it naturally does, but you’re in a very different state.

To summarize:

If you find yourself standing underneath the waterfall too often, next time, just step back and look at it instead.

I wish you a safe and happy start to 2023. Thank you always for the gift of your attention.

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