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Two Sides of Beauty

This post was inspired by an act of love.

It begins in a rather mundane place: the side table that's next to the spot on the couch I'm sitting on as I write this.

A week ago, this specific spot in our living room was a bit of a disaster.

There were cables everywhere.

Our children have chargers for things, my wife and I have chargers for things, there's a lamp, a speaker, a projector cable, and an extension cable that's leftover from what we used to plug in the Christmas lights. I'm writing this in May.

Of all the hills you choose to die on when you're spending your time caring for four and six-year-old children, the cable management hill is not one that my wife and I have chosen.

Luckily for us, we have a friend named Dave.

Dave loves cable management.

A week ago, as a gift to us, Dave came over with a set of tools that only cable management lovers carry, and he decided to climb the particular hill that was building under the side table, next to the couch.

Whenever you have the opportunity to see someone doing something they love, that's the real gift.

After a short while of crafting, Dave was ready to show us his art.

I realize that a picture here would probably help, but I don't have one.

I guess I could just lean over and take one, but without a before picture, it just won't make sense.

So imagine it.

Chaotic disorder transformed to subtle serenity.

From the moment I first saw Dave's art, and for many moments since, I've been reflecting on the two sides of beauty.

The first is the obvious side. The side that's visible. The side that's above the surface.

From the story above, this is what I saw after Dave's art. The visible absence of cables. What was once chaos, is now serene. Obvious beauty.

The second side of beauty is what's invisible. It's below the surface.

From the story above, this is what Dave saw.

A lover of cable management needs to love the things that aren't obvious to the rest of us.

The snaps, the ties, the box-like thing with tiny holes for all the cables. All subtle. All hidden.

Anything can be beautiful, and any beautiful thing has two sides.

Often, the side you can't see is infinitely more complex.

Learning to appreciate both sides helps you appreciate the thing even more.

Thanks Dave. We love you.

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