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Two Paths

One of my teammates (Thank you Soni), recently mentioned a binary that has stuck with me.

I'm a big fan of useful binaries.

We were talking about the struggle or excitement of the blank page.

The blank page is literally just that, a blank page.

During the course of our conversation, she mentioned that you can either have a blank page or a colouring book.

Choosing between a blank page and a colouring book is a useful binary when we're thinking about starting something.

You might look at both options and think that one allows for more possibility.

With a blank page, it's easy to think the possibilities are infinite.

Let's not forget, it's also possible for infinity to be contained within a box.

Think of all the ways you can colour an image in a colouring book—don't think too hard, the options go up to infinity.

So how do we choose?

The path of the blank page or the path of the colouring book?

Both paths take effort.

Both paths can be enjoyable.

If you need a path that's fast, predictable, and safe, choose the colouring book.

If you want a path that's slow, unpredictable, and risky, choose the blank page.

Each path will call forth something different from within you.

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