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The Distance From Zero to One

The distance from zero to one, is greater than one to two.

Let me explain.

If you have ever found yourself staring at a blank page when you need to create something, you've experienced the feeling of going from zero to one.

I experience this weekly, writing this blog.

At work, if you start doing something that hasn't been done before, you've experienced the feeling of going from zero to one.

A lot happens when you attempt to go from zero to one.

A lot can get in the way.

Let's take perfectionism for instance.

A simple way to define why perfectionism gets in the way is this: Perfectionism is the trap you fall into by trying to get from one to two, before getting from zero to one.

Now let's take fear.

Another definition: Fear says one is a risk. It's an unknown. It's safer to stay at zero.

The gravitational pull of zero is incredibly powerful.

Getting to one takes courage.

Getting to one takes discipline.

If you confront your equivalent of a blank page often enough, you can shorten the distance from zero to one.

Getting to one takes love.

If you love something, you will fight hard to bring it to being.

The distance from zero to one can be a very personal thing, and often, you have an important choice to make once you've taken that long journey.

When are you ready to share what you've got?

At zero, you've got nothing. At one, you've got something.

Are you ready at one? Or, are you only ready at two? Or three?

Be careful, numbers go on to infinity.

Remember, you've already covered the greatest distance.

The gaps only get shorter from here.

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