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Old Friends

Making new friends as an adult can be hard.

Yet, the ones you choose to make, you can become close with very quickly.

Who are your oldest friends?

Mine are from high school.

As I write this, high school was close to twenty years ago.

We change a lot in twenty years.

In many ways, I feel very different to the person I was back then, which naturally means, I am very different to the friends I made back then.

That's the thing with old friends, with time, you can grow to be very different than them.

With new friends, you may choose them because of how similar you are.

There may be something that connects you initially, and then you start peeling back the layers only to find more connection underneath.

Yet, there's a comfort with old friends that new friends will never have.

My wife and I were reflecting on this while sitting at a cafe the other night.

We are grateful for our old friends.

She shared a song with me, aptly titled, "Old Friends" by Ben Rector.

The music video is beautiful.

I'll leave you with the chorus:

Can you take me back when we were just kids

Who weren't scared of getting older?

'Cause no one knows you like they know you

And no one probably ever will

You can grow up, make new ones

But truth is there's nothing like old friends

'Cause you can't make old friends

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