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Fighting vs. Sparring

Let's compare these.

Fighting is a zero-sum game. Somebody has to win, and somebody has to lose. The goal is often the former.

Sparring is a positive-sum game. Both parties benefit from becoming better. The goal is just that. Betterment.

Fighting can be unprovoked, sometimes you find yourself in one by surprise.

Sparring is always an invitation.

In fighting you have an opponent.

In sparring you have a partner.

Due to its zero-sum nature, a fight takes on a scarcity view. You want to win them because you know there won't be that many of them.

Sparring is an abundant view. You can keep sparring, keep getting better.

After a fight, egos are inflated or bruised.

Good sparring doesn't involve ego.

In fighting you have something to defend. Opinion, ego, title, history, take your pick.

In sparring you are intentionally vulnerable.

Next time, if you can, choose.

Fight or spar?

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