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The Nature of the Long Term

Suppose you have a goal for the future.

A long-term goal.

It doesn't need to even be a goal really. It can be a vision, a hope, or a desire for something that's going to take a while to be realized.

Maybe you put a timeframe around it, two years, five years, 10 years.

Or maybe you just leave it as sometime in the future.

If you have this kind of long-term goal, keep it in mind as you read on.

If you don't, imagine you do.

I'd like to share a simple truth about the nature of the long term.

The nature of the long term is to present you with challenges in the short term.

Some challenges are harder than others.

Because of these challenges, it's very possible to find the short term unattractive, while strangely finding the long term very attractive.

It's false to say the challenges get easier.

It's true to say you just get better at dealing with them.

We're always living in the short term. Which means, the challenges will keep coming.

Don't fight them. Just realize they are part of the game you're playing.

Keep playing.

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