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I want to share something beautiful about all of us.

At times we seek constraints and at times we resist the feeling of being constrained.

It's kind of a hardwired balancing loop.

Too free, we seek constraints. Too constrained, we seek freedom.

Bored on a Sunday, what should we do today? In other words, how can we constrain all this freedom we have to do nothing and channel it into something.

Focused really deeply on a single task, hit a mental roadblock, switch tasks and start browsing something. Anything. In other words, I'm too focused on something limited (single, hard task), so I need something unlimited (easy, infinite scrolling available).

What I find beautiful about this truth, is how natural it is.

It's tension and release. It's everywhere.

Look at the way waves connect with the shore.

Look at the way trees behave. Just observe the leaves. Longer time horizon, but it's the same pattern.

Look at your own breathing.

Next time you find yourself in one of these states, just for a change try to sit in it for longer rather than seek its opposite.

See if you uncover anything new by staying still, rather than seeking.

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